5 Reasons to must visit a Periodontist

Regular dentists can treat several issues related to oral health, like teeth or gum but Periodontists specialize in doing dental implants and to prevent any kind of periodontal disease. In some cases, regular dentists also diagnose minor oral issues but they usually refer to Periodontists for any major issues. The Periodontist is Norcross and is highly professional and expert in their fields with thousands of happy patients.

Every smile is different, but every attractive smile has two most common things,
– A full set of milky white teeth
– Exact number of healthy pink gum tissues to show them off.

Mostly, the regular dentists take care of your gums and teeth. But what to do when they need some extra care? That is time you go to see a Periodontist.

Periodontists, who are also known as “the plastic surgeons of dentistry,” focuses on preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases that affect the gums, as well as other structures that support the teeth. Like regular plastic surgeons, they can use various methods to redesign soft tissues, even reshape bone in the jaw. Periodontists in Norcross uses a huge variety of tools to fight gum disease. Treatments commonly start with the non-surgical procedure, which includes scaling and root planning, wherewith the help of special hand-held instruments, cleaning of the root surfaces of your teeth are done. Lasers are used in this procedure sometimes, depending on the needs of the patient.

When to visit a Periodontist?

The report shows that 47.2% in the USA after the age of 30 suffers from gum diseases. Of course, you do not have to visit a Periodontist for any minor problems, but here are the 5 prime signs you should not ignore.

1. Teeth feel loose

Loose teeth after a certain age can be a sign of thinning bone and significant infections. If you ever notice that your teeth have begun to feel a little loose, without wasting any time visit our expert Periodontist in Duluth . Even if you think, you are just imagining it; it would still be a good idea to schedule an examination. These minor things can lead to serious gum diseases and underlying bone damage in the near future.

2. Oral pain and discomfort

Oral pain can usually show up in a specific tooth. If you ever feel discomfort within, around or beneath your gums, this could be a sign of a serious issue problem. Schedule a visit with your dentist to uncover the root of the problem, so you can get the best treatment in time and save your tissue.

3. Change in your bite

If your teeth feel different while having a bite or chewing, talking or brushing, you must see a Periodontist. These problems can lead to specific issues that can cause a very long-term problem, if not treated properly. Highly qualified Periodontists in Peachtree corners city can examine the root causes for these changes and suggest the most appropriate treatment options that can help solve this painful problem.

4. Receding gums

With age, our gums start to recede naturally. But if you ever think your teeth look unnatural when you look in the mirror. This could be an alarming sign of advanced gum recession, which is caused by periodontal disease. Book an appointment with our trained and experienced Periodontist in Norcross to find out for sure.

5. Bleeding gums

If your gum starts to bleed or becomes red or swollen, you must visit a Periodontist as soon as possible. If you notice your gums bleeding when you floss or brush, seek input from a highly qualified Periodontist.