Things You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

If you feel a sharp and intense pain in your tooth while chewing and feel sensitivity to hot and cold foods, it is likely that you have an infected tooth. While you may try to avoid going to your dentist, the excruciating pain and swelling in your gums can only be alleviated with proper root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment has remained popular as well as a successful treatment for infected teeth not only because it salvages the natural tooth, but because it is important for dental health. So, if root canal frightens you and you have any misconceptions about it, you must know that dentists find it the most effective solution for treating infection deep in the root of your mouth and want you to know about its efficacy too.

Root Canal Relieves Tooth Pain

Many people around the world fear root canal because of this supposition that root canal causes pain and it is a painful treatment. However, this isn’t true since dentists use anesthetic and sedating techniques to numb the teeth and gums and provide a relaxing experience during the treatment. These techniques, therefore, control pain during the treatment and keep the patient from discomfort. The post-root canal pain can also be alleviated with painkillers and mild anti-inflammatory drugs.

Root canal, therefore, minimizes the severe pain caused by infection and damaged roots of the tooth. You must also know that where root canal treatment helps alleviate the pain, it disinfects your teeth as well.

Root Canal Salvages Natural Tooth

Root canal eliminates the need for extracting the infected teeth and keeps you from losing it forever. Since infection destroys nerves and tissue of the tooth, root canal cleans out the infected tissue and helps maintain the natural tooth structure by allowing patients to keep their teeth in place. This endodontic treatment, therefore, disinfects the tooth properly and seals the tooth from future infection. Also, it eliminates the need for tooth replacements (bridges & dental Implants) by recuperating the infected tooth.

Advanced Technologies Reduce the Risk of Re-Infection

As mentioned earlier, the root canal seals the tooth and reduces the risk of reinfection. However, some teeth remain vulnerable to re-infection because of accessory canals that may be missed during the root canal. Nevertheless, some advanced technologies have made their detection easier for dentists which helps them treat the impaired tooth effectively and reduce the risk of re-infection.

Root Canal Restores Chewing Ability

While a root canal is effective for treating infection, it restores one’s chewing ability too and improves one’s oral health by saving other teeth and gums from infection. Root canal, thus, allows you to resume eating everything you like without any pain and discomfort and prevents further dental problems.

Root canal treatment may sound lengthy and painful, but it is the most convenient and appropriate treatment for badly infected teeth. It saves your natural teeth and alleviates sensitivity and pain. However, one can avoid root canal by taking proper care of his teeth and gums which is possible by adopting healthy oral health habits and following the suggestions of the dentist.

Berkeley Lake Dental in Norcross GA provides root canal treatment using advanced techniques and technologies to recuperate and disinfect your infected tooth and derive effective outcomes.