Cerec Same Day Crown in Berkeley Lake

Cerec Same Day Crown in Berkeley Lake

The Cerec machine comes with groundbreaking technology that has revolutionized dentistry. In the past, crowns and inlays were created by taking an impression – it was generally a longer process. Most patients have gone through this process and have experienced how long it can take to get a crown fitted.

However, the Cerec machine has changed all that, using CAD/CAM technology, patients can be fitted with crown in just 15 minutes. The procedure beings with the dentist taking an image with a specialized optical camera which then send the images to computer. The next step involves the dentist designing the restoration, once the design has been satisfactorily finalized, the dentist can then instruct the computer to begin work on the restoration – which initiates the milling process that is usually completed in 15 minutes.

All that that is required from the dentist’s or assistant’s end is to select the proper shade of the teeth, everything else will be handled by the computer. A ceramic blank is placed inside the milling machine which then carves out the restoration per the specs instructed by the dentists. It works much like a printer for tooth restoration.

Getting treatment with Cerec System:

  • The tooth is prepared in the usually manner which involves the dentist drilling in the tooth using a tool called ‘burr’. This process is necessary as it involves reshaping the tooth to accommodate the crown that will be created using the Cerec system.
  • A wax mold isn’t needed with the Cerec system, instead the dentist will take images of your tooth using a specialized camera, and then upload those images to be processed further.
  • The design unit, using specialized CAD/CAM technology, enables the dentists to create a custom 3D model of your tooth, through this process, the dentist will be able to create a blueprint for your restoration.
  • The next process involved placing a block of high-quality ceramic in the milling machine. Depending on the specific requirement for your restoration, the dentist will select the appropriate ceramic that best matches your teeth.
  • After the milling process is complete, the restoration is nearly ready. All that is required is that the restoration undergo a polishing process which matches the color of your teeth with the restoration.
  • Once you are fully satisfied with the result, the dentist will then cement the restoration, ensuring that is firmly in place.